ladies group


Model Night

What could be more fun than being a star for a night and having all your friends along for the ride? Get the girls together, get all dolled up, and spend some well-deserved time in front of the camera like the super star that you are!

Panty Portrait Parties

You’ve been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot, but the idea of it both thrills you and terrifies you at the same time. The solution is a Panty Portrait Party! Get your favorite ladies together for a group boudoir session and make an evening of it. I guarantee the experience is 10 times better when shared with friends, cheering each other in and having a blast!

Group Body Paint

You’re looking for something bold and a little crazy to do with your friends. You want to do a body paint shoot so you can look back on your life someday and remember the times you threw caution to the wind and lived to the fullest. Life is so short. Go boldly after the things you really want to experience.