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The Shameless Project is an Artistic Nude Photography series that showcases the beauty of the female form in the abstract – specifically the Breast, Butt and Vagina. The purpose is to challenge the idea that these body parts are somehow lewd when viewed up close and in such detail. The fact that it makes some uncomfortable is the whole reason I started this project. This is the human body. This is what we look like without a protective covering. It is beautiful, natural, fascinating and CERTAINLY nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve been adding to this project for 10 years and I plan to continue for the foreseeable future. If you’re interested in getting involved, read more details below and get in touch!



The Shameless Project is in its 10th year running and I’m still accepting participants. If you are comfortable in your own skin and desire to be part of some bold, beautiful art then I want to work with you!

In addition, many participants find the experience to be very freeing. An opportunity to be part of something bold and exciting, and perhaps a little rebellious. Others find it to be a way to make their own personal statement, putting actions behind their belief that the human body is a work of art.

Currently Seeking Participants
Young or old, thick or thin, as long as you’re over 18 I’d be honored to have you in the project. I’m interested in a wide array of breast types. If you’re proud of your boobs then it is a moral imperative that you take part in this experience.

How Do We Proceed?
Your session will be a very casual experience with a bit of warm up time at the beginning to get comfortable with each other and get the creative juices flowing. We’ll meet at my private studio in downtown Wichita and you’ll bring in a few fun outfits of your choosing for us to start with first. We’ll make some stunning portraits of whatever you would like and then move on to the Shameless Shoot next. After we’re done we’ll load up all the images and review them together in the office.

In exchange for your participation you’ll be receiving 3 of your favorite images from our session ($225 value) – one for each of the 3 projects you participate in (Shameless Breast, Butt & Vagina). Your choices will be edited, retouched and sized at 1200x800px for easy sharing. Any purchase of additional images will automatically upgrade your 3 complimentary images to 8×10 prints. ($600 value)

Couldn’t be more simple. It’s a very laid back environment so feel free to bring your favorite music on your phone to plug into the sound system and you’re welcome to have a cocktail or two if you like.

If you’re interested but perhaps a bit apprehensive, bring a friend or 2 along to join in the experience with you. A little encouragement goes a long way and everything is better with good friends around.


Select images from your Shameless Shoot will be used in upcoming collections and possibly chosen for gallery showings. By default your name will never be attached to any of these images, but I want you to be proud of the work we’ve done and I encourage you to share your experience with others if you are so inclined.


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