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Become a lifetime member and never pay session fees again! Come in any time for a session and only pay for the images you choose. Use your sessions any way you like. Need a sexy gift for your partner? Or just a nice a boost of confidence every once in a while? How about periodic sessions to document your weight loss progress, or pregnancy?

  • Free Sessions for life!

  • Membership includes 3 free images from your first session ($225 value).

  • Refer a friend and earn free images from your next (or a previous) session. Earn 3 free images each time one of your referrals purchases a lifetime membership. Make sure they tell me you sent them!

  • Includes access to the full archives and all yearly membership benefits.

Images start at $75 each for digitals and include editing and retouching. Upgrade to larger print sizes or a book. Follow the link for more info and to get set up today!

Download the full price list included in my free “getting prepared” guide HERE

frequently asked


Q: What if I want to bring my family in for some nice portraits?

A: Absolutely. You can use your sessions however you like.

Q: What if I want to do a shoot every week and only buy 1 image each time?

A: You can absolutely do that, schedule permitting. I put no restrictions on it. Just know that my goal is to create many incredible images for you to choose from. It may be difficult for you to choose only one.

Q: What if I just want to do one session? I don’t think I’d use a membership very often.

A: That’s fine too. My regular session fee is $400 and images are purchased separately. Even if you think you’ll only do 2 photo sessions in your entire life, a lifetime membership will still save you hundreds of dollars.

Q: When do I choose my images and how long does it take to get images back?

A: We load up all the images directly after your session and sort through them together. Once you’ve narrowed down your final selection and chosen print sizes etc., we’ll settle the bill and it generally takes 1-2 weeks for me to edit and retouch them and have them printed. Books take an additional 10 days. I often get them finished sooner but I like to have a buffer for the times when I have a full cue.

Q: Do I get an actual membership card or is that just a marketing thing?

A: You do indeed. I’ll have it ready for you at your first session. No additional charge.

Q: Do we always have to shoot in the studio? What if I want to do an outdoor shoot or a different location?

A: We can do different locations, absolutely. The only caveat is if you want to shoot somewhere that charges a fee. There would be no additional charge from me but you would be expected to cover that.

Q: I have no idea what to wear. Can you help?

A: I have tons of ideas and we’ll spend plenty of time discussing options that will be flattering for your shape and enhance the features you want to show off.

Q: I have some trouble spots that I don’t really like, can you photoshop me and make me look perfect?

A: I prefer to not rely on photoshop too heavily except for things like blemishes and small details like that. Instead I like to put you in poses and lighting and outfits that are flattering so when you look at the images you can say “That is really me, and I look damn hot”.

Q: Do you provide a wardrobe?

A: I do not. I have a few accessories around, but in general you will bring your own outfits and I will help you figure out ideas